How we help physicians and dentists

We understand the unique needs of the independent contract physician and the hybrid physician (the physician that works both a W2 role and a 1099 contract or consulting role). We help you set up your business for your 1099 contract income including choosing the correct entity type and setting up your employer account with your state including handling all of your state's unique requirements. We then help you manage it and maintain it for you so that you don't have to worry about it!  We then look at your overall situation with all of your roles and prepare a comprehensive and detailed tax plan that will give you the comfort that you need to know that you are optimized at all times and saving as much taxes as the law will allow!

If you have a small medical or dental practice office or would like to set one up, we can help you with that as well!  We understand all of the unique challenging requirements you face with processing insurance, taking care of your employees and their payroll and benefits, and linking all of your workflow systems together to create efficiency and seamless operations and reporting. Of course, we analyze your practice and create a comprehensive tax plan that looks at your entity type and existing structure and determines whether you are in the most optimal place for your taxes, saving you thousands of dollars.

We are a recommended Tax Strategist on the White Coat Investor and Physicians On Fire.